Expository Essay: The Murder On The Orient Express

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Expository Essay: The Murder on the Orient Express
From the beginning of human history, culture has been defined by the arts. The arts give people an understanding of culture at a given time, how people lived, and what their interests were. The Western Canon is a compilation of literature, art, and music that has the greatest influence on Western culture. This list contains only the best of the best in literature and any author that finds their book on this list is guaranteed to have had a great influence on western culture (“Classics and the Western Canon”). Due to the Western Canon being able to accurately recognize extraordinary literature from many texts, all members of the Canon are at the highest level of literature.
One book that deserves to be regarded as a member of the Western Canon is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. The plot of this book is a murder mystery, but it goes far beyond the surface level of mystery writing and
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The backstory of Murder on the Orient Express closely resembles the story of an accomplished aviator and the murder of his son, even using the family’s maid committing suicide after being treated as a prime suspect of the murder as part of the story (Jarossi). In the real-life incident, the murderer was never found, although a German man was sentenced to death despite there being no concrete evidence that he committed the murder (Nicolaou). The justice system is, ironically, incredibly unjust. The authorities were unable to find the murderer, but suspected the maid, questioning her and pushing her so far that she killed herself (Jarossi). Moreover, they were willing to execute a man even though they did not have definitive evidence that he ever committed the crime
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