Exposure Therapy Case Study

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IV. Dialogue (short): a. Entry: i. The therapist will begin the session with the child. 1. The therapist states, “Let’s play some icebreakers for you to feel relax and comfortable in this environment.” 2. The child, then, responds with “what kind of icebreaker?” 3. With the therapist suggesting an icebreaker activity, “How about two truths and one lie. In this activity, you tell me two truths and one lie about yourself and I have to guess which one is the lie. b. Discussion: i. The therapist will then continue with the session by asking broader to specific questions concerning the child’s anxiety disorder and its symptoms. 1. The therapist asks, “How’s your anxiety disorder coming along?” 2. With the child’s response of, “I still have symptoms…show more content…
The child agrees by saying, “First, in this situation, I would disregard those negative remarks you claim about me, and keep being friendly. However, if those negative remarks and attitudes continue, then I would choose to the option to avoid you. iii. The therapist will continue with the application section of the session with practicing exposure therapy. 1. The therapist will start by asking, “What situation causes to trigger your anxiety disorder symptoms?” 2. The child responds with, “Any situation concerning heights. I have a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety just thinking about heights.” 3. The therapist will then start on the exposure therapy. “In order for you to conquer your fear of heights and decrease the occurrence of your anxiety symptoms, we will practice exposure techniques. Exposure therapy is going to be used in this situation.” 4. The child asks, “What is exposure therapy?” 5. The therapist answers with, “Exposure therapy is a coping strategy and technique in the behavior part of (CBT) used to treat anxiety disorder. It involves you to be exposed to the feared object or situation without causing any harm or danger; therefore, you will be able to overcome your anxiety and distress. 6. The child responds with, “How do you know whether or not the exposure therapy will be

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