Expressionism And Expressionism In Guernica

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Would you classify Guernica as Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, or Surrealism? A style of painting where artists express their inward feelings instead of dwelling in external reality is known as expressionism (Tate, n.d.), while Cubism is a style of painting where perspective with one viewpoint was rejected in favor of simple geometric shapes and planes (The Art Story, n.d.). Furthermore, Dada style of art combines diversity and was in absolute mockery of materialism and nationalism that led to the world war1 (The Art Story, n.d.), and finally, Surrealism is an art style that forces the unconscious mind to be creative; it expresses the imaginations that are reveal or seen in dreams (The Art Story, n.d.). With these combined definitions of various…show more content…
In Guernica, it clearly shows that pain is pain irrespective of whether the victim is a human being or animal, child or adult, or the suffering is from explosions, fire, or trampling. Picasso captured a terrible scene where a horse screams with pain from a spear in his side and a bull 's horn in his belly, while a woman in the fire scream in hopelessness and another woman cry in anguish over the death of her child, dead from the deliberate bombing of our most innocent, reducing them to a military experiment. The lines and form combined with the cold monochrome scheme of deathly black and white with only the most subdued, melancholy grays, causes introspective dismay at how far humanity fails when put to the test. In a way, Picasso’s Guernica was accurately rated by Jilani (2011) that “The fundamental aspect of Expressionism is that it is imbued with a constant subjectivism, where seeing is important only when turned inward” (para. 3). The artist’s intention is that when and wherever we see this artwork, we should remember the story of Guernica and realize that we are also victims of war perpetrated by a few to achieve selfish desires; even if we did not physically…show more content…
The claustrophobic, inescapable attack seems broken up into numerous perspectives and reassembled on the canvas in geometric shapes and layers of symbolism which reveal themselves one by one as one takes in the painting, assaulting the senses with the sounds, smell, taste of death and blood, and terror; an abyss which could never have its emotional depths plumbed with the same effectiveness in a less abstract style. In the same token, the Dada movement is apparently reflected as the artistic movement was propelled by anti-war sentiments, and Surrealism in Guernica 's merging of reality with the darkest of our Dreamscapes, with this marriage, ironically offering the most accurate

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