Expressionism In Modern Drama

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Modern drama began by turning toward realism and away from the fantasy of nineteenth-century melodrama and ridiculous situations. Realism gave rise to various innovations that served to express the dramatist’s vision of what reality is. These attempts to be “more real than real”, can be called expressionism. Realism and expressionism are the two main approaches of modern drama in the twentieth century. One focuses on the outer details of everyday life, while the other focuses on the mind and feelings and tries to show how human beings see the world. Modern drama began to show how life really was.
Modern Drama performances focus on what is popular at the time and ratings and reviews are taken into account while in the Greek Drama performances, they followed the themes of fate, temptation, tragedy and love. In Greek Drama, life lessons were converted into story form and the people who acted in the plays were only male actors.
Drama has changed over time in several ways. Firstly, During the Greek Drama, everything circled back to how life should be lived according to their times while nowadays; the morals of the stories are usually lost. These days, Modern day Drama is available to all audiences and can be viewed in different forms such as TV, books, radio, etc.
In classical drama, the protagonists in the play we bases on royalty while the protagonists in the modern drama were common people. E.g. modern drama: A Doll’s House and in classical drama: Romeo and Juliet, King Lear
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