Why You Have Decided To Study Abroad

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Question 1
Discuss why you have decided to study abroad. Explain why you chose this particular program and how it relates to your personal and academic interests. List some of the courses that you are considering for the term and briefly explain why they interest you. (about 300-350 words)

My motivation for this experience is to broaden my scope of education and make myself more marketable for a career in International business. When I graduate I would like to work for a company that has global operations and potentially someday have the opportunity to work in a country outside of the United States. This experience would help give me an understanding of what it would be like to live and work in a foreign country in order to prepare me for future endeavors.
I have chosen to take Intercultural Communication and The International Business of Sport during session one and Italian Cuisine and Modern Architecture during …show more content…

Studying abroad will afford me the opportunity to experience dealing with diversity and cultural differences on a first-hand basis which in turn will help prepare me for a job in my desired field. I have always been interested in living and traveling abroad and would make the most out of this experience not only personally, but professionally as well.

Question 2
What specific goals do you have for study abroad and how do you think you might achieve these goals, both on your own and through this USAC program? (about 300-350 words)

My goal is to work towards a minor in International Business and further my credits required for the CPA exam. By taking classes with the USAC program and building upon my study abroad, this experience will limit the remaining classes necessary at my home university. I hope to learn more about how businesses operate in a global environment, in addition to gaining first-hand experience in dealing with various cultures and diverse ways of

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