The Harlem Renaissance

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Extended Essay: The Harlem Renaissance Question: What contribution did the Harlem Renaissance have in shaping the voice of African-Americans in New York City during the 1920’s? Introduction: For many, the 1920’s evokes images of flappies and speak-easies. But for one group of Americans, the decade was also the start of rebirth. The Harlem Renaissance was the first time African writers, musicians and artists won recognition for their achievements in vast amounts of areas. Their goal was to create an outlet for group cohesion and self determination, as a means for achieving equality and civil rights. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of time that was responsible for creating a new cultural and social landscape and its significance is something that played a major role in how African-Americans live today. Harlem, New York, can be seen as the…show more content…
During World War I, Black Americans living in the South flocked to northern cities such as New York in the 1920s, in pursuit of a new life consisting of fairer treatment and better pay. This migration posed a new opportunity for African-Americans; a platform for self expression. As a result of this migration, it was not long until the borough of Harlem, New York became a hub of cultural explosion. Historians such as Howard Zinn argue that the economic situation at the time was responsible for sparking such a movement. This is view is agreeable because Harlem truly changed during events such as the American Civil War and World War I when it was subjected to much reconstruction. The neighborhood was a strong and significant location of economic boom after the American Civil War because of the labor force that was present during the time. Italians, Jews and most notably, African Americans, came to Harlem in order to take advantage of this economic boom by working in
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