What Is The Difference Between The Luxury Business Hotel And Extended-Stay Hotel

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1. Introduction By compare and contrast the different features amongst the luxury business hotel and extended-stay hotel. They are the Harbour Grand Kowloon and Residence Inn Albany Clifton Park. Then identify and categorize the major world and local hotel chains, compare the hotel facilities and services and target market of two type of hotel in order to find their differences or similarities. 2. The background of the hotel chains / Group 2.1 Harbour Grand Kowloon : Harbour Grand Kowloon is a member of Harbour Plaza Hotels and Resorts. It is a major player in the Asian hospitality industry. It is establish in year of 2003 and owned by Cheung Kong Property Holdings. The company currently manages nine full service hotels, include Harbour Grand…show more content…
Compare the facilities and services of the two hotels and explain reasons for the differences / similarities 4.1 F&B Facilities There have a huge different between the F&B Facilities provide by Harbour Grand Kowloon and Residence Inn Albany Clifton Park. Harbour Grand Kowloon has 7 restaurant/ bar/ café. Dining option of this hotel is variety. It include the bar, café and restaurant that provide Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Internet booking service is available in this hotel. About Residence Inn Albany Clifton Park, there only have one restaurant which provide the buffet breakfast. There have few F&B Facilities provide by this hotel. There have many difference between the F&B Facilities of these two hotels. The only similarities F&B service is the buffet breakfast. These differences maybe based on the type of the hotel. Residence Inn Albany Clifton Park is an extended- stay hotel which combining living space with kitchen facilities and there may not have lots of F&B facilities. Harbour Grand Kowloon is a luxury business hotel, it may provide extensive range of food and beverage service for guests. 4.2 Business…show more content…
Families usually have specific needs. They require inexpensive restaurant so this hotel only provide one restaurant with free buffet breakfast. The guest room provide a kitchen therefore families can cook by themselves. They may need more play area so that this hotel provide a barbecue area for the guests. For Harbour Grand Kowloon, the location of this hotel is convenience and it cause some advantage to the business traveler. Also, the quality service provide by this hotel is good and there have a fully-equipped business centre for the business travellers ,therefore they are willing to pay higher room price for these

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