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This research is to investigate the effectiveness of using extensive reading materials to teach reading for standard 5 students As we aware, reading is an active process in which readers shift between sources of information, elaborate meaning and strategies, check their interpretation and use social context to focus their responses. In order to maintain the interest in reading among students in this school, we need to use extensive reading materials as an alternative to teach reading apart from using the traditional reading materials.

Since the aim of the reading programme is to develop students’ ability to become independent readers, extensive reading is very important. Most extensive reading will be done out of the
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According to Nuttal (1996) on aims of reading, for extensive reading, variety is also important. Students need to read different variety of reading materials. This may include different forms discourse structures, genre, subject matter or materials- magazines, newspapers, tabloid, journals, readers, abridged readers, young adult readers, novels, etc.

Teachers can exploit the extensive reading materials to introduce or revise new vocabulary, tenses and sentence structures by exposing the student to the English language in a varied memorable, familiar and of course enjoyable manner. Learning English through extensive reading materials can be the foundation for secondary schools in terms of basic language functions and structures, vocabulary, language learning skills and literature.

The aim of the research is to motivate and enhance interest in learning English as a second language through reading. It is also to create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere while learning the
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Significance of the Study

Reading is part of academic literacy. Teachers usually have high expectations of a student’s ability to cope with the demands of reading in English. Certain factors related of students’ background, home and schools have an impact on students’ reading behaviour. Social psychological factors as exposure to language and attitudes towards reading and language would have significant effects on reading behaviour too.

Reading is usually regarded as hard especially in English as the students unable to comprehend what they read. Students tend to read word by word which make them try to understand the words per se and not on context. When this problem occurs it will reduce their interest and motivation to read. By using the extensive reading materials, the students will be taught to read and be more concerned with the meaning of the text rather than the meaning of individual words or sentences. Limitation of the Research
Some problems might arise when the research is conducted:
a) Selecting reading materials and suit the students’ ability and fit with the needs of the curriculum specification could be rather demanding.
b) Students’ participation in the process of learning is unpredictable. They could give full cooperation or just ignore
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