The Importance Of Painting

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Five important things to consider when painting outside. As many stated, it looked like it would be a fairly easy job. In some cases, clients decided to hire a professional to complete the project prior to starting, others found out the hard way that there is more to it then popping the top off the paint can. Exterior House Painting Tips to Consider Before You DIY 5 important things to consider before painting the exterior of your home yourself. Proper preparation of all surfaces to be painted is paramount. Improper preparation is the main cause of paint failure and/or reduced life of the finish. Surface preparation can take as little as a few hours, while some require days to complete properly. All this time and work and you have yet to open your first can of paint! For some, the time required and the knowledge needed for this step was all they had to hear before calling us in, but not for everyone. Others who completed projects on their own were happy with the outcome for the first few years or so after painting.…show more content…
I applaud your determination and hope everything turns out great for you. So one final friendly word of advise. All those cans of paint you just bought, please, please please... do not use them one at a time. While you may have purchased them all at the same time, if you have like most do, decided on a colour other than what the manufacturer put in the can originally, it does not match!!!! Purchase a few empty five-gallon buckets and "box" the material together to ensure the paint will all match once applied to the surface. "Boxing" paint is to mix it all together. Pour the gallons into one five gallon bucket and then from five to five until all paint has been mixed together thoroughly. This will blend the slight variations in colour from can to can and produce a more uniform colour for the finish

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