The Importance Of External Activities In Organizations

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External Activity The external activity explains the stage by which the teams get information to know more about their tasks and what information is needed for performing their tasks. At this stage the team gets to clearly understand what their task is then they move on to sourcing for information both inside their organization and outside of the organization .The information acquired is related to the market technology, products and the organizational culture. (Ancona & Bresman, 2007) p64-66. Scouting involves investigating the organizational terrain, investigating customers and vicarious learning. (Ancona & Bresman, 2007) p 68. The external activity incudes ambassadorship, task…show more content…
Participating and transparent decision making: All members are actively engaged and involved in problem solving and the decision making process. Members feel valued and are involved in actively sharing their perspectives. (Ancona & Bresman, 2007) p105.107. Heuristics: This is the process by which teams do enough scouting in order to have enough information and make assessments before going about their tasks. Teams members are encouraged to have people of expertise when facing challenges and in their decision making process. Shared timeliness: This is the process of coordinating the activities of team members who are engaged in internal activities as well as the external activities in the most efficient and timely manner. All team members are given deadlines on when to complete and start the work process. Information systems: This provide members with access to information and experts, it also encourages communication feedback. (Ancona & Bresman, 2007)
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