External Aspects Of External Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

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When we talk about consumer behaviour, we take two aspects in mind that are consumer + behaviour. The person who consumes on the daily basis or purchases any kind of thing either it is durable or non-durable good that is consumer. Because we spent for it and then we go ahead for that particular thing, when we consume that particular thing we react whether we are satisfied or not satisfied that is why we are known as con-su-mer that means we want to have something and then we behave like that particular way. The second aspect is behaviour. Behaviour is the way in which we react or we tell someone about the positive aspects or the negative aspects of some particular thing. How much we are satisfied or dissatisfied, this our behaviour or attitude shows. And when we are satisfied we try to purchase that particular thing on routine basis that shows our consumer behaviour. Factors influencing consumer behaviour: there are two types of factors influencing consumer behaviour that is internal factors as well as external factors. (A) Internal Factors (B) External Factors Sub-factors under internal factors influencing consumer behaviour are briefly explained as follows: 1. Perception: What we think, what we perceive is our perception. 2. Learning: What is being made learned to us that mean when we are small kids our parents educate us. They make us learn what is good or bad, what is right or wrong is the learning part. We have learned so many things that we try to implement when we do

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