External Benchmarking In Business

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Isoraite explained about the meaning of benchmarking that “Benchmarking is a powerful vehicle for quality improvement and a paradigm for effectively managing the transformation of public – sector organizations into public-sector organizations quality” (2004, p.21). Organizations have to analyze on their products, services, performances or processes and compare to other companies who have the best practices. It has many types to compare with other organizations. For the freight forwarder businesses should compare by using the external benchmarking. According to Isoraite “External Benchmarking involves seeking outside organizations that are known to be best in class. External benchmarking provides opportunities of learning from those who are…show more content…
The customers will use other freight forwarder companies. It also depends on the space and the rate of the airlines freight and sea freight. So, the organization should learn from the best performance of other companies. In organizations, no one perfect in everything, they may have the best in something and other companies may have the best in other things. It is better to learn from them all and try to adapt to match and suit with the company. My business should have more a stock and a space of suppliers on airlines and sea line, so it will make my family business has more bargaining to customers and other freight forwarders businesses. From the benchmarking, my family business has to analyze where it is in the market, who is the best in the industry, how they do it and how can the business it better. The information that can help to define the benchmarking process is the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). The SWOT analysis has two factors, which are internal and external factors. The internal factors are strengths and weaknesses. The external factors are opportunities and…show more content…
The strengths, I had the bachelor degree from the human resource management. It helps me to understand employees in my family business, knows how to motivate them to have a better performance. I will graduate the master degree in the global leadership. This also a knowledge of leading employees. I can understand others’ thinking, when subordinates feel comfortable to work. They will put more efforts and get better on performances. It is good for the company’s result. I have an English language skill to communicate with suppliers and customers because the English language is the main language to communicate. The weaknesses I am an introvert personality. I do not like to speak out. My personality is a bit shy. I have less a working experience and knowledge in the freight forwarder business. There are my weaknesses that I should improve myself to have a better personality and lead employees to work in my future organization. The opportunities, Thailand are the member of AEC countries. It is a good opportunity to stimulate economic in Thailand and politic. The threats, Now, Thailand are controlled by the military not a democratic system, so it may make many foreigners do not want to do businesses in Thailand. The advanced of technologies that change all the

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