External Conflict In Go Ask Alice

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I rate this book a 7 out of 10. This book has a good lesson to teach teenagers. The narrator had a few main worries in her life that any high school kid would have, her popularity status and image, along with her sexual intuitions. Throughout this whole book new people are constantly brought into the picture, she can not keep the same people in her life. At the beginning of the book the narrator seems to be a very good kid, but it doesn 't make sense how she turned bad so fast. If I went to a party and I was tricked into drinking LSD I would learn my lesson. However “alice” promised herself that she would not do drugs again, but found herself addicted to them. I understand that this is a diary, but there is usually a smooth transition from a…show more content…
The Narrator was not able to find anywhere to fit in, she was Inadequate to finding good friends and was unable to be self-confident. With a lack of self-confidence she was unable to face the outside world, which is why the diary was created. This statement ties along with the theme “difficulty in communication.” If the narrator was able to fit in with the outside world and relate to people it wouldn 't feel like she had no one and everyone was against her. Man vs society can also mean man vs the druggies. “Alice” was in a battle against the druggies, they put a joint in her locker, she knew who it was but she didn 't want them to hurt her so they knew she wouldn 't do anything. They also blame her for the raids at parties, sexually assault her, and give her chocolate covered peanuts laced with acid The internal conflict is the narrator vs herself. At one point the narrator realizes that the path she has created for herself is not good. She struggles to become sober but accomplishes it for a short period and falls back. If she wasnt facing herself in those moments she would have never attempted to be sober. She beats herself up for the things that have happened to her because she knows if she would have chose the right decisions she wouldn 't be here at the moment. The narrator fights herself in many aspects to get on the right track, but is unable. After being sober her death was…show more content…
The two main themes in “Go Ask Alice” is do not do drugs and difficulty in communication. The narrator of this book started her diary because she needed someone to talk to. She didn 't come out and state it directly, but you can infer this because she writes to the diary as if it were a person then promises the diary that she will be back soon. most kids write about what happened during the day or secrets they have been told but at the beginning it seemed as if “Alice” was strictly writing down how she felt and a constant amount of self-loathing. If the narrator had someone to be there for her and someone to understand where she is coming from, would have changed this girl 's life completely. The reason the narrator reverts to drugs is because she seeks friends. With many people walking in and out of her life it seems as of “Alice” can 't decipher between the good and bad friends. The rush of wanting someone drove her to a negative crowd leaning her towards drugs. After accidentally doing LSD the narrator found herself in an illusion that made her feel important. She found a friend named Chris who drew her into drugs. Even though the narrator promised herself that she would not find herself doing drugs after her first trip and that she understood the dangers of drugs she didn 't seem to care. They both dated drug dealers who allowed them to feel like it was the right thing to do, but this was not the case. “Alice” claimed she knew the dangers, but she clearly didn 't
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