External Conflict In 'The Book Thief'

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1. A Book with an external conflict is Life of Pi because all off the extreme things Pi finds himself in. He battles constant danger and death, being on a lifeboat at sea with a tiger.
Another book with an external conflict is The Book Thief. In The Book Thief there is a conflict between Liesel and the rest of the school. In the beginning of the book Liesel already creates problems but it was her reactions that made it worse for her. She beat up one of her classmates and became a class enemy.
2. A book with an internal conflict is The Bully because Darrel a boy that goes to high school is bullied by another boy named Tyray and his friends. That makes Darrel sad because they call him names.
Another book with an internal is The Secret Life of Bees. In the Secret Life of Bees Lily always is thinking about her
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In the movie The Dark Night Rises, Batman has a person vs person conflict with Bane who is a super villain. Bane wants to destroy Gotham city but Batman is the only person who can stop him.
2. In the movie 2012, Jackson Curtis has to try to save his family while they 're are natural disasters that threaten the human species. He tries his best to do all he can to save his family.
3. In the Lion King, SImba has man vs. self-conflict when thinks about if he should go back and be the king or stay with Simon and Pumba and live a different lifestyle.
4. In the movie World War-Z Gerry lane has a man vs. supernatural conflict with Zombies that are taking over the world and he has to find a way to save the world from the Zombies because he 's chosen to make the cure to be protected by them.
1. An External Conflict in my life is when people try to discriminate me because of my skin color. I usually don’t get in fights for this type of issue but other people around the world do all the time.
2. An internal conflict in my life is a couple months when my girlfriend broke up with me and I felt down for a couple of months. I was feeling down emotionally but now I got over

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