External Determinants Of Indian Foreign Policy In India

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Foreign policy of country is the conduct of a county with respect to other countries in the global sphere to promote its national interest. India’s foreign policy has evolved over the years under the influence of the country’s geo-strategic location,economic conditions and personality trait of leaders. In addition to this the international political environment and foreign policy of major powers and neighbouring countries comprise the external determinant of Indian foreign policy. BASIC OBJECTIVE There are some basic principles of Indian foreign policy which remain unchanged with time and constitute the pillar of Indian foreign policy . These basic principles are outlined below. 1.Non-Alignment The chief architect of non-aligned policy was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ,the first Prime Minister of India.His man concern was consolidating the Independence earned after years of struggle and ensuring peace and economic development of India. That’s why Nehru professed distancing India from any power blocks created during cold war between U.S.A and U.S.S.R. Major objectives of NAM are as following a) Peace and disarmament ,especially the reduction of tensions between the major powers. b)Independnce ,including the right of slf determination of all colonial peoples and right of equality between all races. c) Economic equality ,with an emphasis on restructuring the existing international economic order ,particulary with respect to the growing and persistent inequality between the rich

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