External Environmental Factors That Affect The British Airways Company

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INTRODUCTION. At the present time, the airline industry faces many cost pressures. The industry has made remarkable achievements in improving its efficiency. But cost pressures continue, from record high fuel prices to unjustified increases in charges from monopolistic airports, to further taxes imposed by governments (industryspotlight.org.uk). Higher costs inevitably lead to higher prices for airline passengers. Aviation is vital part of the United Kingdom. It is not only crucial in sponsoring almost 1 million jobs and £50 billion of GDP, providing around £8.7 billion in taxes to the Treasury of the country, but aviation is also fundamental to the success of economic benefits from air transport in the United Kingdom (Roberts-Hughes, 2014). Aviation supports exports, services, manufacturing, foreign direct investment and of course tourism. This sector gives us opportunity for the holidays and visits of family and friend in different parts of a country and also around the world. Further we will proceed with identifying external environment factors which affect the British Airways company. The external environment of an organization represents factors outside the company that affect the company 's ability to function. The business cannot control these aspects but can answer to these changes if it needed. Of course the main problem for business managers is to manage to respond early to these changes in the external environment, but this depends on how soon any change is

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