External Factors Of Chick-Fil-A

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Just like any other organization, chick-fil-A is greatly affected by the external environment of the business. Often, the external environment is made up of all outside factors and influences that affect the way an organization conducts its daily operation. It is worth noting that an organization has no influence over its external factors and thus, it has to re-engineer and redefine its process, products and services to work under the influence of the external environment. Below are some of the external factors that affect Chick-fil-A.
Consumer income
Consumer income is in the wider field of economic factors that affect the sales level of the enterprise. Consumers with high income are likely to possess the power and the ability to purchase products from the company in large quantities. Often, individuals with higher income have flexible regarding purchases considering that they have enough financial power to use on basic needs and to save. As a result, such individuals are expected to buy the company products in bulk or more frequently irrespective of the price of the products. On the other side, low-income earners are not expected to purchase the company products in bulk or frequently. Nevertheless, consumer income is widely affected by the rate of inflation which determines the amount of money they receive as salaries and wages as well as the prices of the company’s product. Inflation is widely defined as the continued increase in prices of products and consumers.

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