External Factors Of The Macro Environment

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Macro environment related to influence external factors of the company, with this various number of broad forces that might impact not only on the company but also various other factors within ‘micro environment’ (Nicolini, 2000, pp 783–796). Whereas the micro environment is dependent on the factors which are close the organisation and impacts on daily basis, specially such factors interact with the organisation or are engaged in the similar industry. Micro Environment Customers Walkers Snack Food Ltd has stronger relationship with their loyal customers because of this the company hold regular competitions for developing and introducing new flavours including ‘Do us a Flavour’ competition, where the winner is given £1,000,000. Suppliers Walkers were able to retain their Carbon reduction award after swapping to 100% British Potato’s and also working on with the suppliers in order to use lighter packaging that resulted in 7% reduction in carbon emissions. Competitors Pringles and McCoy’s crisps offer largest type of competition within the market of crisps. However it was revealed in a survey that around 54% of the consumers are sticking to use the brand they have faith. Public The company uses famous personality Gary Linekar, former English footballer who is well recognised by several in English market. Company Walkers Snack Food Ltd is no doubt a well-established brand within crisps industry, and holds a market share of 47%. This is one of UK‘s largest brand
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