External Factors Of Toyota

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DANIELLE JOSEPH STUDENT ID: 139167218 COURSE NAME: CONTEMPORARY DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE CODE: SIM337 DATE SUBMITTED: FRIDAY 17TH JULY 2015 WORD COUNT: 3475 Part one; 1497 Part two; 1977 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This management report takes a look at Toyota Motor Corporation. It assesses the impact of external business environmental factors and evaluates the organization’ position and responses to and in this environment. Part one of the report takes a look to the primary external influences to which Toyota is subject. It explains the importance of each of these factors to the organization. Part two takes into consideration the importance of demographic factors and analyses its relevance to Toyota. We will take a look at how it influences policies and decision-making within the organization. We will critically evaluate, as far as possible the effectiveness of the organizations response. We will also take a critical look at areas in which the organization can improve. PART ONE As an international organization with over 540 consolidated affiliates, existing in an industry that is the mature stage of its life cycle (Appendix 1.1). Toyota is influenced by many external forces. These forces will naturally differ among the countries in which they operate and yet Toyota and each of its affiliates will need to manage the effects each of these forces if and when the organization to succeed. External forces refer to the macro

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