External Influences

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External influences, influence us everyday, and everywhere. They are all around us, influences can range from a friend to an animal to a god. These influences shape how you are, how you act, and who you become. This stands out in the article Technology, and in the Ted Talk “Are we in Control of our own Actions?”. Both of these connect to external influences. This indicates that everything around us has an impact on the person you become. External influences are items around you that influence who you become. Some examples are technology, government, people, and events. All of these can have positive impacts, but they can also have negative ones. For instance with people if you get a really good friend, that can be great for you but if…show more content…
Modern technology like amazon 's alexa is very useful, but it is always listening for its name and everything you say to it is documented, so if you are having a private conversation and alexa is listening amazon will have the records of your entire conversation. The article Talking to our devices states that “by 2020 the majority of all tech devices will be designed to work with zero to minimal touch- just voice.” This means it will be harder to use phones in public because if everyone is trying to talk to their phones it is going to be really loud and the phones might get confused. Also it will be impossible for people to try to use their phones in class. If a student had to look something up quickly now they can just whip out their phone and look it up, but in four years if a student tries to look something up quickly it will disrupt the whole class. Also people will become more lazy because you won 't need to type anything. But on the other hand external influences like new technology and AI systems can have a positive impact, because it will allow people to drive and use their phones hands free, also you will be able to get things done easier. There are laws in many states that do not let people text and drive at the same time, so if you had advanced AI systems, you would be able to
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