External Influences: The Syrian Civil War

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An external influence is something that happens around you that affects how you act, what you feel, or who you become. There are many different types of external influences. For example, the actions or being of another person. What someone does can affect what you do, what happens to them can affect how you feel, and the result of their actions can affect who you become. Another type of influence would be the environment. When something happens in the world around you that you have no control over, for example, the amount of resources you have access to can affect your health and well-being. If the government makes decisions that force you to make changes and sacrifices to your life, it can be extremely detrimental to how you feel and who…show more content…
The Syrian civil war has been going on since 2011 and has caused millions of people to flee their country and take refuge in places like Turkey, Germany, and Lebanon. Originally, an environment crisis occurred in 2007, a major drought that caused over a million people to migrate to the city from the countryside. This caused a major issue, poverty, which lead to an even greater issue, social unrest. The whole country became a riot. First it started with peaceful protests and then people began being killed. Around 500,000 syrians have lost their lives so far, and it’s not over. Families are being ripped apart and innocent people are being injured. One Syrian named Huda Khalaf said “I lost my husband. My kids lost their father. We were going to an uncertain future, and I couldn’t stand it.” After her husband died fighting for freedom. The government didn’t just take away freedom from people, they took away fathers from kids. They took families away from their homes, they took away life, hope, and safety from millions of their own people. A 105 year old man who spent his whole life in Syria says “The crisis is getting worse and worse”. As far as I can see, nothing will stop it anytime

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