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It has been said in the theories of ethics that if people want to act ethically, then they need to act according to duty. It has also been said in the theory of ethics that motivated the individual to perform the procedures, and not vice versa, which is, and the consequences of the actions of individuals to act right or wrong way. For example, in our case, fear of an employee in the department will be that he or she may get customers who are not satisfied very easily, and difficult to deal with, with that in mind this can help the employee to work hard and overcome or fears this could this is done only as a result of modifying the behavior of the employee. But it also must be remembered that the fear of losing (for example, one job because…show more content…
It's a belief that sport plays an important role as a source of empowerment to help people reach their full potential. In particular, Nike sees sport as a means to challenge racism, conflict resolution, and build leadership, teamwork and enhancing life skills for young people. Used positively, become sports a powerful tool to engage young people, helping them to participate fully in the social and economic opportunities in their community, (" Work Nike practices. “ ICMR 2002). Nike is try Internal stakeholders are just as important to Nike as external stakeholders. His most important domestic interest Nike is the staff. "It's not a model of a single product, not a single manager, not a single ad, not a celebrity one, not even a single innovation is the key to Nike. It is the people of Nike, and how unique and innovative to work together." These are the feelings of the Chairman and Co-Founder company Nike, Phil Knight. Nike's code of ethics that provide workplace safe and healthy, and promote the health and welfare of all employees is one of their main objectives. Feelings of Phil Knight and the statement in the code of ethics Nike is proof of how important employees are to Nike from internal stakeholders.ng to bring the world the impact of using sport as a tool…show more content…
We believe free and fair trade and sustainable growth and encourage investment, innovation and serve the interests of workers and consumers worldwide. The objectives include seeking to smooth access and open markets through the elimination or reduction of tariffs on imports, and the protection of intellectual property rights and the establishment of mechanisms to promote trade and sustainable growth. We are also seeking government policies and actions that promote the efficient and safe transport of products. We believe we can help create opportunities for workers and communities by advocating for reasonable labor and environmental provisions in trade

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