Essay On The Extinction Of The American Dream

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The Extinction of The American Dream
Inequality is not dead the American dream is. a non-existing fantasy that desperate foreigners wish to accomplish, a dream so desired that those who chose to follow this journey are committed to leaving everything behind. As mention in the article “ 35 Mind-blowing Facts About Inequality” by Larry Schwartz, the middle class has gone extinct and the lower class has increased in the last decades, Mind-blowing facts about how the 1% dominates the American economy. In addition, the article “ The End of The American Dream” by Niall Ferguson, explains how upward mobility became an almost impossible challenge to accomplish. Lastly, the article “ L.A is the bad jobs capital of the U.S” by Harold Meyerson, goes into detail on how unequal wages are, and that it is impossible to live with a minimum wage job in Los Angeles when everything goes up except one 's salary. All 3 articles are fundamental to the creation of this essay and most important the persuasion of the reader 's mind that inequality is not dead; however, the American dream
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As mentioned on the article written by Larry Schwartz, in 1946, a child born into poverty had a 50% chance of moving into a middle-class income; however, A child born today only has about a 33%. In the first decade of the 21st century, the U.S borrowed 1 trillion dollars in order to give a tax break to households earning over $250,000, one of the many reasons the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. How is it possible that the government give a tax break to those with wealth, such as the most recent one given by president Donald Trump. Even though the average income of an American Adult is $250,000 – 300,000 such number is irrelevant because such amount includes the 1%. Meaning that most people do not make more than $39,000; however, the 1% that makes billions of dollars each year make the average American Income go up unbelievably; therefore, such people stay below the poverty
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