Extra Curricular Activities Case Study

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1521 Paz St. Paco, 1007 Manila, Philippines, Paco Manila
PAASCU Accredited
High School Department
School Year 2017-2018

The Academic Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Paco Catholic School’s Junior High School Students ( A.Y 2017 – 2018 )

Group 6
Dimalanta, Bianca Mae
Cosico, Keithrynne Faith
Sumalinog, Ruffa Graciella
Pantig, Paulina Shiena Amelia

Mrs. Carmelita A. Sam
October 14, 2017
Student by day, athlete or performer by night, excelling at both is called proper balancing. Learning is not caged in the four corners of a classroom. There are different kinds of activities that are suited to students, whether it is learning or becoming involved in a particular sport, cultural activities,
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What is the significant relationship between extracurricular activities and student achievement?
2. Is there a difference in grade point average between students involved in extracurricular activities and students who are not?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having extra-curricular activities?
4. How do these kinds of activities affect the academic performance of JHS students?

The purpose of this study was to determine the impact and relationship between involvement of extracurricular activities in academic achievement based on the academic performance of Junior High School students of Paco Catholic School. This study sought student input whether participation helped or hindered academic learning. A clearer understanding of the life-long effects of extracurricular activities was sought as a source of information to substantiate benefits derived from current programs used to supplement the core curriculum.
This study is highly beneficial to educators, parents, and students. This study provide them information to assist in making more informed choices in their high school activities.

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• Advantages- any state, circumstance, opportunity, or means especially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end: the advantage of a good education.
• Disadvantages- the state or an instance of being in an unfavorable circumstance or condition
• Enhanced - to improve or augment, especially in effectiveness, value, or attractiveness
• Extracurricular Activities - used to describe extra activities (such as sports) that can be done by the students in a school but that are not part of the regular schedule of classes.
• Junior High School - A student that have completed elementary school or grade school, but are not yet old enough for senior high school. In the Philippines, it often includes grades 10,9, 8, and 7.
• Student - a person who is studying at a school or college.

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