Extract Essential Oil Case Study

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1.1 Problem summary:
There is lots of essential oil available which are extracted from the various parts of the plants. As these essential oils have properties like flavour and fragrance, various properties helpful in medical treatment, they are widely used in cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries etc. Essential oil from the Papaya seeds and argemone Mexicana seeds and it has various applications, but seeds of Papaya and Argemone Mexicana are clear off during the process and disposed as waste. So it is desirable to reduce the waste and to convert this waste fruit seeds in the useful form.
In industries, for extracting essential oil conventional methods are used which are highly power and time consuming and less efficient
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1.2 Aim and Objective:
For reducing the waste seeds of fruits, we are going to extract the essential oil from the seeds of papaya and Argemone Mexicana. Find its application in various fields like pharmaceutical, homeopathy, fragrance, cosmetic etc.
As there are various method available for extraction of essential oil, with differing in the economic yield, reliability, we are going to extract essential oil from seeds of Papaya and Argemone Mexicana by using various methods, So that we can compare methods to judge the most economic, efficient and reliable method of extraction.

1.3 Problem specification:
Find out the raw material Extraction of essential
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This invention covers the advantage of solvent extraction process for removal of the essential oil over the other method of extraction like distillation, soxhlet extraction, steam distillation, microwave assisted extraction method. Also it describes the various example of the extraction of constituents from material using solvent extraction. Solvent extraction method for extraction of essential oil is efficient method, but there are some limitations of this method. Some of limitations areas, it require high interfacial surface area, it require high costlier solvent, it require recycle of solvent, it require separation unit, etc. For future invention in solvent extraction method for extracting essential, we can find the optimum extraction time corresponding to optimum ratio of product to solvent in

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