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Extracurricular activities and accomplishments I am not part of any sport or athletic pursuits, despite my long legs and the many proclamations that I should be out for basketball. I have not been given gifts in such highly coordinated activities, and I’m afraid I’m too calm and I don’t handle aggression very well. I am part of many musical pursuits, though, and I have been musically inclined since I was very little. My parents said I would always be singing until I thought someone was listening to me, and then I’d go quiet because I was shy. I am part of the Cedar Catholic Choir, of which I just joined this year. We haven’t competed yet in the District Music Contest, but we have performed in concerts in the area, and we were even invited to…show more content…
That image still remains whenever I hear someone mention her name, and when they utter “Mary” I think of blue. Mary, to be specific Mary the Mother of God, is my chief role model. After her comes all the saints who are very much like her, and in their earthly life, they too had imitated her. Mary is almost indescribable in her beauty and holiness, and even though I can’t even hope to even come close to amounting to her, I can still strive with all of my heart to imitate her, in which she encourages me to do. She is ever most kind and sweet, and her heart is so full of heavenly delights that I couldn’t help but want to strive to be a good child to her. Mary is the perfect role model in every way possible since her heart is always in union with God’s will. She shows me how to be patient, how to be gentle, and how to be generous and caring. Mary is, as well, always so kind to us even though we are so rude to her Son who loves us so much, and she shows us how to love our enemies. That is probably one of the hardest teachings of Christ, and one I struggle with very much and one that I often fail with. In her kindness, Our Lady helps me to humbly get up from these falls and teaches me to look for her example. Mary is the Queen of all Creation but she treats everything with dignity and respect and she cares so very much for all people. I want to imitate her love for everyone and I want to tell of her generosity to all of those who come to her. She, in my heart, is the perfect role model and I hope to grow to be more like her who is filled with so many good

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