Extracurricular Activities Essay

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Should students be mandated to participle in an extracurricular activity? Imagine being the last person left waiting to be picked up, siting alone in the parking lot, waiting for someone to come pick them up because they were forced to join an after school activity. Growing worrisome that nobody will be able to come get them soon enough to get home. Making this type of decision is very tough, especially when it can affect so many people. Although I can see all of the reasons as to why this decision was made I believe that there are more factors that could be looked at. I don 't think that making all students join an extracurricular is the best choice that could have been made.

First of all, this would cause the school a lot of financial
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Nobody in the world the exact same, which means that everyone has different interests. Which means that there is a large chance that school may not offer an activity that really suits them. Being uninterested in something that you are doing everyday after school can come with some serious problems. When a kid is not fully enjoying an activity they are spending their time on they will start causing a lot of disruptions. This will pull other students out of focus and will also prevent the group from completing their tasks. Not being able to enjoy the thing that they are doing is not good. An extracurricular should be something students should do to have fun and enjoy time to hang out with their friends. Another big reason as to why a student would not enjoy themselves while being in these activities is because of their social skills. They could have trouble interacting with other people. Suffering from social anxiety is very hard for a kid. Feeling as if everybody is judging you with every little movement that you make. Being an introvert forced out of your shell can be very hard on a person that is not used to usually being around and talking to a lot of people.

There could have been a lot of different decisions that could have been made regarding wether or not students should be obligated to join an extracurricular activity. There are many reasons as to why I feel
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