Extracurricular Activities

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Participation in extracurricular activities rendered the school experience more meaningful and enjoyable for students who otherwise had limited academic success 80 (Mahoney & Cairns, 1997). Maser (2007) stated that the impact of extracurricular activities on students ' adolescent development and academic achievement is as relevant and important as it has been in the past. In particular, the potential usefulness of both school-based and non-school based extracurricular activities. And also according to Eccles & colleagues "Participants in most extracurricular activities achieved better educational outcomes than non-participants" (Eccles et al., 2003, p.865). The idea of getting involved within the school community and Alethic Participation, joining in a society that involves sports. In spite of the well-documented fact that school-centered interventions, especially in physical education classes, promote health and physical activities for the vast majority of school children and adolescents, females’ motivation and participation in physical education decline with age in the United States (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2008; U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2012). Compared to males, females are less likely to enroll physical education after meeting the minimal physical education credit expectation (Koca and Demirhan 2004) and more often to passively participate in learning tasks and display lower intention to be physically active outside school

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