Extra Curricular Activities: Important In Career Development

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By taking extracurricular activities during your academic years, you will be preparing grounds for your career. See how they could help in career development

It is a known fact that if you just have a good academic background, it may not be enough to secure a job. So, what can be the solution for this? So, the solution for this is extracurricular activities. Research from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the National Research Council (U.S.) shows that participating in extracurricular activities, sports, help students in evaluating their engagement and emotional attachment at school and its main motivation is to improve their career prospects.

What does extracurricular activities exactly mean?

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Today employers demand more than just your academic performance. They are in search of employees who don 't just hold theoretical knowledge. You need to show your soft skills and social potential to be in a the good books of the in interviewer. Activities other than scholastic tasks can land you a good career.

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in your life. These can help you not only to grow physically, but also mentally. They teach you how to use your strengths in a proper way. What more important things it adds to your experience bag? So, introduce you to the real world and make familiar with their modalities. Make you to realize your interests, skills, and creative abilities. These soft skills can be handy in your careers. The knowledge that you are attaining from the extra academic activities add extra points to your resume to acquire a good job. This is like an extra icing on the cake.

There are many non-academic activities that can be attractive, beneficial enough and can turn your school/ university life full of life-long experiences. Some of them are listed below.

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Pick any sport of your interest and try to excel in it. Doing so will help you develop competitive spirit and you can also a learn a couple of things about teamwork, if the sport you have taken involves more than one person. If you are taking sport in which your individual performance matters such as swimming, archery, etc., it will also help you assess your strength. Since sport will keep you in good health and infuse in you competitive spirit, you will surely get advantage in your career.

Part time jobs:

Part time jobs are the best ways to be self-reliant and take some burden away off your parents ' shoulders. By taking any part-time job, you will also know how hard it is to earn and meet expenses on your own. This kind of life-lesson will surely help you at the professional front. Moreover, working at any establishment, you can also learn working with people and develop a habit of
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