Review Of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

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“I have been led to imagine that the few extraordinary women who have rushed in various directions out of the orbit prescribed to their sex were male spirits confined by mistake in a female body.”
The above statement is stated in the second chapter (prevailing opinion about sexual differences) of the book (A Vindication of the Rights of Woman) by Mary Wollstonecraft in a way to argue against many men who have been arguing through ages that women are morally impuissant and they do not possess a great mental strength to become morally good by their own unless the guidance of men. If there are exceptions of extraordinary women, yet men say that they are male spirits mistakenly framed in a female body. She argues that women are considered weak
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Wollstonecraft became frustrated and tired of prejudices against women in her time and she was tired of the erroneous laws of the time in which women were deprived of their rights. She raised to show the world that women are not weak and thus she started to write a book for women. She refuses and argue the wrong prejudices of men of the time against women. She claims that women are enough puissant as men are. She brings examples of extraordinary women who have gone out of their orbit prescribed to their sex and they did extraordinary works and she says that I have been led that I should imagine that those were not actually women, but male spirited women mistakenly framed in female shapes. she argues that if it is so than should we call Newton someone or something greater and superior mistakenly framed in a human body. the shape of a human body or someone superior mistakenly embodied in the shape of a human. She makes it clear in her text as “I cannot help agreeing with the severest satirist, considering the sex as the weakest as well as the most oppressed half of the species. What does history disclose but marks of inferiority, and how few women have emancipated themselves from the galling yoke of sovereign man? So few, that the exceptions remind me of an ingenious conjecture respecting Newton: that he was probably a being of a superior order, accidentally caged in a human body.” (Vindication of the rights of a woman, Mary Wollstonecraft, ch 2, pg). She calls all these prejudices against women. She believes that We will not know about women’s capabilities until they are not given the same respect and education as it is given to men. In Wollstonecraft’s time society was a way long from achieving this goal. She claims that if men are truly superior to let them prove it by providing them an equal playing field for women. She says if it happens so then men will know that women are

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