Extreme Isolation: Film Analysis

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In this documentary, the viewers see a child that had been severely battered and abused by her father Clark Wiley, as well as being neglected by her partially blind mother Dorothy Irene Wiley struggle to find a place in the world after she is found and rescued from her abusive home. During those several years of torment Genie was deprived of educational and physical interactions which seemed to be evident at the time of her rescue seeing as she could only utter twenty words that were instilled in her when her father lacked sympathy and had outrageous burst of anger, as well as in the way she walked with her head hobbled over and her arms close to her body at all times. At the time, young Genie was transferred to a children's hospital in Los Angeles where a study took place about the Developmental Consequences of Extreme Isolation headed by psychologist…show more content…
Dr. Rigler soon manded all experiments being held on her and was named as her foster parent seeing as it would be beneficial to her psychological treatment. Fast forward three years later and when the grants and money stopped coming in Dr, Rigler no longer took responsibility for Genie instead and she was transferred back to her mother which had all charges dropped against her for child abuse. But Genie did not react well to the home where such torment took place and Dorothy Wiley found it hard to raise her so she was put into the foster system where she would experience many different situations with the families she was put into. Finally, she hit her breaking point when she was admitted to the hospital because her foster parents would yell at her for vomiting and so she vowed never to open her mouth digressing now from being able to speak. In the end, she was put into and adult care facility that is
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