Extreme Stereotypes Of Older Adults In Movies

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The media often reinforces two extreme stereotypes of older adults. One extreme stereotype shows the negative aspects by highlighting that old age is plagued by illness and a high dependence on others. The other extreme stereotype highlights the seniors that are doing exceptionally well by showing that they are completely independent, finally stable, and maintained a youthful look and persona. These portrayals do not represent the life challenges and successes of the mass majority of aging adults. Older adults are rarely represented in the media, so how they are represented truly matters to their overall image and approach to aging. The Bucket list is an adventure, drama, and comedy movie, its plot followed two older men that were diagnosed with terminal cancer and given less than a year to live. The movie follows them on their series of trips around the world and their wish list of activities they wanted to do before they died.…show more content…
Carter played by Morgan Freeman was lower middle class man that didn't have much money but was a very strong family man. Upon diagnosis the men realized that they had some regrets in life and made a goal to live life to the fullest in the final months. Although the Bucket list was a very heart warming and showed many aspects of an older adult's life, I believe that overall the movie reinforced more of the negative stereotypes of aging. The bucket list did a good job of presenting conversations of religion concerning where do we go when we die, and presented both hopeful and plain way of looking at life as just a cycle of life and

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