Extremism In Islam And Islam

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Extremism has become one of the most significant phenomena in the early 21st century, it has dominated the global politics and led to the sudden rise in violence resulting in the massive loss of life and instability all over the globe. However, when one talks about extremism, the very first thing strikes in our mind is Islamic fundamentalism, which has really changed the image of Islam and Muslim, which is in conflict with Muslim’s own view of Islam and Muslims. Extremism not only stems from Islamic fundamentalism, but from the “fundamentalism” whose two complementary nodes i.e., Far-right groups and Islamic fundamentalism have dominated the global politics. On one hand, far-right groups like English defence league and National action network claim that Islam is at war with the west and on the other hand Islamic terror groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda attest that west is at war with Islam. They are two different faces of the same coin, playing in the same game wearing the different uniform, and their identity politics is based on a dichotomous relationship of “us versus them” characterized by hate and fear, which depicts another side as the enemy and antithetical to peace and humanity. These extremist groups essentialize “terror” with the identity of their counterpart and blame them for every problem. The bottom line is, far-right extremism and Islamist extremism feed off one another and help each other to flourish and nourish. These extremist group perceive terror activities

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