Extremism Definition

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1.1 Extremism
Extremism is a crucial issue one of the main issues the global having to solve in our modern societies, it’s a daily case we have to face but extremism has deep roots in the structural formations and ideologies accepted by societies. The extremism ideology it 's like any other ideologies existing around the world.
Extremism is a social phenomenon effect and gets affected by other phenomena and it 's highly related to the historical, religious, political, economical, social, and other circumstances affect the societies.

The concept of extremism considers very hard to defined or detect clearly or give a clear directions about it, due to its linguistic definition its anything above the moderation level, moderation level can be
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Many researchers tired to give any clear definition for the extremism including

1. Extremism is a complex phenomenon, although its complexity is often hard to see. Most simply, it can be defined as activities (beliefs, attitudes, feelings, actions, strategies) of a character far removed from the ordinary. In conflict settings it manifests as a severe form of conflict engagement. However, the labeling of activities, people, and groups as “extremist”, and the defining of what is “ordinary” in any setting is always a subjective and political matter
2. Albert Breton gave 3 different definitions
• An extremist person or group can be defined as one whose equilibrium position is located at a "corner" rather than in the interior on some dimension (for example, the left-right dimension in political space)
• An extremist move could be defined as a move away from the centre and towards the extreme in some dimension. In this sense an extremist move can be distinguished from an extremist equilibrium as defined in number
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Bombing, inflammatory language, terrorist activity, as so forth but whose platform is or may be centrist rather than extremist in political (left-right) space.
Extremism can be related to many terms such as prejudice, fanaticism, intolerance, discrimination and dogmatism.

1.1.2 Dogmatism

Dogmatism is system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior ideology immobility or mental isolation existing in all religions is not accepting the other religions and your religion is the correct one. This behavior has some main features

1 My believe is the ultimate and most honest one
2 My believe is for every era of time and place
3 There is no room for discussion about the believe
4 All the knowledge come from h believe and it have the answer for all the universal issues
5 Condemnation of all the believe objectors
6 Prepare for any confrontation about different opinions can reach to using violence
7 Obligation of spreading the believe on others even by using violence

1.1.3 Prejudice

Prejudice is a mental status adopted by an individual or group with negative outcome toward the others. It 's based on thoughts, feelings, ideas and prejudgments, not on experiences or scientific proves Its main features
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