Extrinsic Motivation In Malay Language

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According to the definition of Oxford Dictionary, motivation is defined as ‘a reason or reasons for one to act or behave in a particular way’. In other words, motivation is the cause that explains and justifies the way in which one acts or conducts oneself. B. F Skinner’s research on behavior modification and the systematic use of rewards, introduced two types of motivations; extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. The most distinction between these two types of motivations is intrinsic motivation encourage a learner to achieve something because it is inherently interesting, enjoyable and meaningful. While extrinsic motivation encourages a learner to achieve something because of a separable outcome. I believe that intrinsic motivation…show more content…
In our ESL context, there is a distinction between Malay and English structure of morphology. Nor Hasimah Jalaluddin et al (2008), in their study notes that between Malay and English affixes is English affixes can indicate or produce negative meanings, for example im-, dis-, mal- and ir-. These affixes transformed the positive meanings into negative. However, this phenomenon does not exist in Malay Language. Hence, the difficulty of understanding the language has blocked the learners’ interest to learn the language. In order to move the learners who are not intrinsically motivated, ideas of rewards was introduced to help motivate…show more content…
If English is a language that is easy and practical to learn, learners may at least be driven extrinsically motivated if not intrinsically motivated. However, the environment of learning the language itself is not very conducive, such as less support from family members, irrelevant judgments by peers and less supportive society, especially in rural area. The fact that Malaysian learners and education system focuses on number of As in the examination result slip, and believing in As as assurance of getting good job and promising salary proved the reality that the Malaysian learners are dependent to be extrinsically motivated, in ESL learning

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