Essay On Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation

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Creating a viable classroom reading environment that supports students’ intrinsic motivation calls for supporting their autonomy as well. This involves supporting their curiosity and interests in reading, offering them some control over reading activities, and allow for their decision making in setting learning goals. To contribute in increasing individualized intrinsic reading motivation, teachers (Ediger, 2001) can design classrooms that contain different library books (in order to meet all students’ interests in reading) for all students to be provided with opportunities to choose their individual books. Homes also play an essential role in enhancing students’ intrinsic reading motivation through making reading materials available. Indeed, to build the grounds for which teachers can foster their learners’ intrinsic reading motivation, the following strategies (Hunter, 2005) can be of practical application in classrooms. -The reading level of each text presented in the classroom should be coupled with the students’ cognitive…show more content…
Extrinsic reading motivation refers to the external factors or reasons behind reading. In other words, extrinsically motivated readers engage in reading due to reasons external to reading per se. For Guay, Vallerand, & Céline (2000), intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are inversely related. When intrinsic motivation is high, extrinsic motivation tends to be low and vice versa. Hunter (2005, p.2) highly stressed the pivotal role played by extrinsic motivation in motivating behaviour, “We, as adults, are all motivated by a pay-check at the end of the month. We may not be working only for the pay-check, but it’s still motivating to know that it’s coming.” What can be motivating for learners,

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