Eye And Awareness Essay: How To Maintain Eye Health

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The eye is an organ that is very valuable. Therefore, the eye health also should get more attention. Many things can be done to maintain eye health and to maximize the function of your eyesight.

How to Maintain Eye Health

Do eye test regularly is the best way to optimize the health of your eyes. And in addition, some of the following tips can help you to keep your eyes stay healthy:

1. Rest Your Eyes

Looking at a computer screen (or other digital screen) not bad for the eyes. But looked at it for too long will make tired eyes, dry, impaired focus, up to a headache. So is also the case when the eyes focus on something in a long time. Recommended for frequent winks so its surface remains hydrated, as well as run the rules: 20/20 which means every 20 minutes looking at the computer screen, switch the view from the screen of at least 20 seconds. Take a look at something outside the window or something far to make the eyes maintain focus ability.
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This also applies when you are reading a book.

2. Wearing Glasses

Glasses are not just accessories for fashion, but also very important for the protection of the eyes of the dangers of ultraviolet light (UV). Yes, as the skin, UV light is also not good for the eyes. Excessive exposure to UV rays for the eye can cause cataracts and macular degeneration.

When buying sunglasses, choose sunglasses that can avoid the second ray of UV-A and UV-B. If out of the room during the day, use the glasses. Caps can also be used as additional protection.

3. Contact Lens Hygiene

To prevent infection, always clean your hands before touching it, installing, and removing your contact lenses. Use method cleaning contact lenses are recommended, as well as change your lenses every 2-3 months.

4. Don't

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