Eye Color Experiment

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I love the idea of the eye color experiment. She constructed the experiment very well by picking out some of the flaws that the blue eyed kids had. For example, the teacher asked one of the brown eyed kids if his father had kicked him and he responded by saying yes. She then asked “Well do you think a blue eyed father would kick his kids?” This got the kids thinking about how realistic this situation was. Like “maybe this is real” or “Wow, we are better than the brown eyed kids.” Later on in the school day, one of the kids punched a blue eyed kid because he called him, who was blue eyed, brown eyed. The teacher then asked why did he punch him, did it make him feel better and was it just a joke. Someone in the class responded by saying it is like calling a black a negro. The teacher then looked toward the kid that punched someone and said is this why you punched him and he said…show more content…
I think that blacks, Indians, Chinese all have the same potential as white people. Just because they look different than I do, does not mean that I am better than them. Actually over the years, I have seen that many Chinese and Koreans are much much smarter than the average white person is because they have higher standards and more drive to be better than us. They know that normally they are seen as inferior and they want to prove us wrong; show us that they are the next big thing! I do pick out peoples, girls especially, flaws and differences and make fun of them for it. I compare myself to other people so that if I pick out their flaws I don’t have to look at my own or that then if I see their flaws and I don’t have the same flaws, then I can say that I have something better or prettier than them. Even though I and so many other people do this all the time, it doesn’t make it right. When I start to judge someone for their outfit or teeth or grades, I need to remember that I don’t want people to do that to me, so I don’t need to do that to
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