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Advance eye controlled wheelchair for disabled person. Guide:-Prof.Namrata lade. Electronics Engineering department. Ravi Dubey, Manish Jain, Isha Padia and Sonali Pawaskar. Atharva College of Engineering, Malad (W), Mumbai 400 067. INDIA. ABSTRACT [1]The project includes electronic eye movement controlled wheelchair which is implemented for the disabled person. Statistics suggests that there are around 40 cases per million of quadriplegia (Paralysis of four limbs) every year. Person suffering from quadriplegia cannot operate the typical wheelchair available for disabled person. As an attempt to make lives of the people suffering from this phenomenon simple, the project aims at using eye pupil movement to control wheelchair. The web camera attached to the laptop placed on the wheelchair of the user will capture the image of the eyes. [2]These eye movements are processed using MATLAB software and serial commands are sent to Arduino circuit which then controls the motor attached to the Wheelchair. Ultrasonic sensor is used to detect obstacle in the path of wheelchair. An additional eye blink controlled camera is attached to the…show more content…
The alternative design which we finalized, captures the images using a webcam that will be attached to the laptop placed on the wheelchair of the user.These captured images will be sent to the Matlab where it will compare the images with the pre input images and give the required output to the Arduino which is further connected to the motor of the wheelchair. Thus with these serial commands given to the motor by the Arduino through Matlab will decide direction of the wheelchair. The commands given to the Matlab can include commands like Left, Right, Stop, Forward, Reverse

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