Eye For An Eye Meaning

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What Does An “Eye for an Eye” Really Mean?
When you hear the phrase, “An eye for an eye” it usually is associated with the Death Penalty, especially when used while discussing a killer. What this is suggesting is if someone takes another’s life, the killer should lose his life as well. But is this really the full meaning behind this phrase? What exactly does the phrase, “Eye for an eye” really mean then? An “Eye for an Eye” means if a person commits a crime, they too should be punished. The Death Penalty is the “Eye for an Eye” punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. But is this form of punishment the most fair and just way for society, the community, the perpetrator, or even the family members whose loved one was killed? What justice does it bring, except for the
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It does not work in the public’s favor, and it is not applied fairly. Why do we get to take another’s life when they are not a direct threat to society anymore? Is there ever a good reason for us to kill another? Yes, but only in self defense. But, if the criminal is captured and taken to prison, they are not a threat anymore. They are no longer harming anyone, so why do we get to decide to end their life when they are no longer a threat? An “Eye for an Eye” is usually associated with the Death Penalty because we kill the people that killed others. But, why does it have to be that way? They are not hurting anyone while they remain in prison. Why can’t we leave them there? Why do we have to kill them? Even though there are many cases in which people should be given the Death Penalty, it should be abolished because the executioner and society are basically committing the same crime the murderer did. Usually we give the Death Penalty to murderers. If society follows through, society is murdering a human being. So, does that mean society should be executed
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