My Eye Mask Essay

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Eye Mask

This is on the top of my list when we travel to Europe. We have stayed at some hotels where the curtains and blinds were thin. My eye mask really helped me sleep, especially since we typically go to Poland with the six hour difference. You'll also find that it will help you sleep on the plane and allow you to get over jet lag faster after a long flight.

Slash Proof Bag

A slash proof bag is definitely one of my top picks for travel necessities for Europe. If you’re concerned about the safety of your belongs then a slash proof bag or backpack will put your mind at ease when you’re out and about sightseeing at busy tourist attractions. I have this cross body purse by Travelon which works great. It’s large enough to carry a water bottle, guidebook, camera, wallet etc but not heavy or bulky. The actual bag is reinforced with a slash proof mesh and the shoulder strap has an internal wire that also prevents slashing. It has an RFID pocket too to keep your credit card details safe and secure.

RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Europe has problems with credit card fraud. Our card was skimmed right at the start of our five week trip and our bank cancelled it right away which was a huge pain! I would definitely recommend using a wallet with
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You’ll need it to charge your laptop, camera, phone and any other electronic devices you bring along on your trip to Europe. Definitely bring it with you! We accidentally forgot to pick up an adaptor on our trip to Europe and spent the first two days in Paris without one. We looked everywhere! And just couldn’t find an adapter to convert our New Zealand plugs to European ones. We had to wait until we went back to the airport for your flight to Barcelona before we could find one. We were able to charge our iphone by plugging the USB cord into the back of the TV and modem in our Airbnb luckily. But no computer for 48 hours was tough considering we work
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