Teleplay In The Holocaust

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Children and parents get taken away from their family members to go live away with people of their own kind. All because they were different and not accepted by people who thought they were better than them. In the teleplay, “eye of the beholder,” Janet is different from the other people, and she wants to look like them to fit in. Since she still looks ugly after eleven surgeries she has two options one is to go with other people that are like her and live there or get killed. In the Holocaust their leader, Hitler manipulated the Germans to think the that Jews were bad and had to go live away from where they were. They had two options go to the camp or be killed. The Twilight zone teleplay, “eye of the beholder” connects to the Holocaust because…show more content…
In the teleplay, the leader manipulated the normal people to take away the ugly people to a place where all of the other ugly people are. (“eye of the beholder”). So in the teleplay, Janet had to go with all the other ugly people away from the normal people. In the holocaust, “after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in January 1933, he moved quickly to turn Germany into a one-party dictatorship and to organize the police power necessary to enforce Nazi policies. He persuaded his cabinet to declare a state of emergency and end individual freedoms, including freedom of the press, speech, and assembly” (“the Holocaust”). So basically Hitler manipulated and persuaded his cabinet to decide a state of emergency and end individual freedoms and to make people think the Jews were different in a bad way.This is why in the teleplay “eye of the beholder” and the holocaust connect to…show more content…
In the teleplay, Nurse two said, “ever see her face? 307.” Nurse one said, “Dr. Bernardi. Evening report on patent 307. Resting comfortably. No temperature change” (Serling 7). So in the teleplay nurse one and two calls Janet 307 instead of her name. In the holocaust to identify the jews they tattooed them, the article said, “tattooing was introduced at Auschwitz in the autumn of 1941 so authorities began to tattoo the jews to identify them.” (“The Holocaust”). In the holocaust, they identified the Jews with tattoos to know who they
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