Eye Of The Tiger Song Analysis Essay

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Explanation: “Rules of the Game” from the Joy Luck Club would go great with the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. In the book, the mom teaches Waverly about the art of invisible strength. When Waverly complains about not getting the bag of sweetened plums, but the next time that they go to the store and Waverly doesn’t talk, the mom gets her the salted plums because Waverly learned her lesson. The quote from page 89 explains this. "Wise guy, he not go against wind. In Chinese we say, Come from South, blow with wind-poom! -North will follow. Strongest wind cannot be seen." This excerpt from the story goes with the song because the book and the song go together because both songs talk about the art of invisible strength. The chorus “It's the eye of the tiger, It's the thrill of…show more content…
Another set of lyrics from the song that ties in with Waverly and her quest to stardom would be the opening lines. “Rising up, back on the street, Did my time, took my chances, Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet, Just a man and his will to survive.” These lyrics can relate to Waverly because just like Survivor, Waverly came from a tiny place in San Francisco on the street that her mother named her after. The song and the book both talk about their characters coming from a hard time or a hard place that had a big emotional or physical effect on their future. “We lived on Waverly Place, in a warm, clean, two-bedroom flat that sat above a small Chinese bakery specializing in steamed pastries and dim sum.” Although it looks like she came from a nice place, I feel that she would feel cramped sharing that entire flat with two brothers and her mother. She came from this cramped room and made the best of this, just like how Survivor talked about rising back up after doing time in

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