Eye Opening Experience Essay

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A marvelous eye opening experience I ever had in my life, was my day in a Wheelchair (WC). Neither I am a Handicapped nor have a condition that would confine any of my activities, movement, and sensation. On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program instructor, Mrs. Evelyn Petrash of Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) presented an assignment in order to develop some understanding into how our life would be changed by a disastrous inability, with the goal that we might have the capacity to better comprehend our patients. Though the LCCC campus is wheelchair accessible, it was remarkable to perceive how it was tough to enter into elevator doorway, to the restroom, and even to balance lunch plate. Utilizing a WC…show more content…
I started to enjoy the assignment. It was very challenging to handle the lunch plate on my lap while accelerating the wheels. I felt like I am taking balancing test. The working staff of the cafeteria as well as of bookstore asked me if I need help, then I mentioned to them that “this is a part of my assignment so, just wish me best luck.” Besides all these barriers, maneuvering the WC around the area of the bathroom was the biggest hurdle. I ought to slip on toilet bowl unhygienically with the help of my upper extremity, also the most difficult part was to put on my pant. I felt, People who are actually wheelchair bound, help would be required for bath-shower, and toilet to stay clean. Moreover, when I went to return the WC, Mr. Petrash asked me to come inside the PTA lab. It was challenging to enter through the WC inaccessible heavy door, but I was able to enter and proved myself. After considering all barriers along with my experience, I would say, I had some embarrassing and provoking incident on top of pleasure experience. After passing three and half hours, my legs were really stiff, and needed to stretch, but then later on my upper arms, thumbs, and butt cheek zone gave me the maximum pain. The WC experience was physically exhausted. Use of a WC, truly requires lots of stamina and
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