Eyewitness Auschwitz Analysis

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"Eyewitness Auschwitz" by Filip Muller is a true eyewitness account of his life in Auschwitz. Filip Muller is originally from Sered,Slovakia and was transported over to Auschwitz concentration camp. The Memoir began with Filip Muller in the Auschwitz I main camp where he was by Vacek to the cap off and cap on drill until exhaustion. (Pg. 1-3) The next location in Auschwitz that he was brought to was called the Crematorium where he would have the generators declickered; the dead dragged to ovens for cremation, coke had to be brought in; ashes had to be raked out, and finally the Crematorium had to be cleaned and disinfected. (Pg. 100). While in Auschwitz II-Birkenau extermination camp he talk about how on his first day he engaged in levelling a large mound of earth. (Pg. 58) He later was evacuated Auschwitz due to it being in absolute turmoil and being transferred…show more content…
(Pg. 145–147) Another strategies was to wait until late at night and overpower the SS guard of a small gate leading to the general store room. Get into the store room put on the overpower guard uniform, before disposing of the second SS guard on the further side of the store room After that he would just sneak away under the darkness. (Pg. 157)
Filip Muller finally get free from captivity when the U.S army fleet of tanks gunning down the SS forces in the Auxiliary camp. (Pg.171) After the war Filip Muller returned to his Czechoslovak home and pushlished a testimony of his experience in Auschwitz. (Pg. X)
An episode in this eyewitness account that had an impression on me was when Fischl went from corpse to corpse, forcing their mouths open with an iron bar. When he found a gold tooth he pulled it out with a pair of pliers and flung it into a tin. (Pg. 14) The reason why this episode let an impression on me was because I felt that it was veil Fischl would stoop this low to rob a dead
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