Eyewitness Testimony: Final Memory Report

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1. The name of the Article I chose was Eyewitness Testimony is far from Perfect.
2. The original name of the Article was The Conversation.
3. The Article Eyewitness Testamony is far from Perfect. It showed how your memory changes the actual facts about what really happened. Your brain is in shock and you are trying to remember as much as you can and your brain starts placeing things where they do not belong. The final memory report can be no better the the weakest part of each stage(Wells G. 2014). They showed how thwenty diffrent people gave a testamony on the shooting of Michael Brown and out of those twenty people not one of their stories were the same. Even though they were all there. That shows how your memory and eyes are diffrent even when you all seen the same thing. They could not remember all of the facts about what really happened.
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The thing that caught my eye on this Article was how many people are relied on for their testamony in a trial. The reason i chose this is becasue I have done a research of my own about how the system and wronful convictions based on that one eyewitness. I wanted to read it to see what others had to say. Several have been convicted of crimes that they did not do because an eyewitness stated that they were the one that did it.They seen it happen. With studies doen the witness developesfalse memories(Huffman & Sanderson 2014). Over time those memories multiply. They think that they really seen something but that could of been a memory they herd someone else say about it. They then take that as a true fact even though they did not seem to remember that

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