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Ezekiel Bread Nutrition Facts Lots of breads contain sugar which is bad for the health. Wheat bread, which was considered as a healthy alternative, is increasingly alerting people for reportedly harmful effects. With so many people consuming bread, they might as well be considering Ezekiel bread. Is it the answer? Let the following Ezekiel bread nutrition facts shed some light. What is it made of? The first good thing about it is that it contains zero sugar. Second, it comes from sprouted whole grains organically grown. Essential nutrients increase significantly during its sprouting stage. With 4 cereal grains (wheat, millet, barley and spelt) and 2 legume types (soybeans and lentils) in each, Ezekiel bread may be the healthiest option…show more content…
Its carbohydrate content, unlike other type, converts to maltose making digestion easier. The sprouting process A seed turning into a plant is a compound process involving proteins, enzymes and genes. It begins once the seed breaks through its shell, digs into the earth and then bears a small, tender tangle. With all the right elements present and a friendly surrounding, this sprout develops into a plant. Health benefits of sprouted grains Vital nutrients contained in Ezekiel bread come generally from sprouting (the germination and biochemical changes of grains after water-soaking) • Health nutrients are promoted while anti-nutrients are reduced. • Amino acid lysine is increased hence proteins in the grains are higher. This is beneficial in the structure and function of a healthy body. • Protein quality is increased when wheat, millet, barley and spelt grains combine. • Significant increase of vitamin C, E and beta-carotene, soluble fiber and folate also occur. • Produces less carbohydrate due to the breakdown of starch used in the sprouting process. What are…show more content…
Other methods used to eliminate anti-nutrients include soaking, fermenting and sprouting. How are anti-nutrients reduced? Another great thing about sprouting is its capacity to significantly reduce anti-nutrients and other harmful substances. One such substance is phytic acid found in many grains. It is a substance that prevents the absorption of calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron. Another is gluten. While it is a type of protein, it can harm people who are allergic to it but it is commonly found in wheat, barley, spelt and millet. It is reduced by means of sprouting, leaving only nutrients necessary for a strong and more functional body. The issue on wheat As mentioned above, wheat has been raising some awareness because its gluten content is said to cause some gastric and digestive problems. It is also linked to Vitamin D deficiency, increased cholesterol levels and to some cases of cerebellar ataxia, schizophrenia and autism. Because sprouting plays a significant role in toning down the effects of wheat in the body, Ezekiel bread indeed may well be the bread of

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