F. A. T. City Film Summary

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For children with learning disabilities, the classroom can be an intimidating place. Renowned learning disabilities expert Richard Lavoie explains why in the film (F.A.T. City) In this film psychologists, teachers, parents, and children including his son are asked to sit on the other side of the teacher's desk. Through a number of simulations and different activities as models (for example, telling a story without using any words that contain the letter N). He even required them to recite aloud and complete timed spelling and writing activities and it appeared as though some of the teacher were starting to get frustrated. Richard Lovie yelled at some of the participants, reprimanded them, mocked them, interrupted them and most of all embarrassed them. By saying ("Are you trying to be funny?" "Try harder!" "Pay attention!" "Why can't you do this? Everyone else can.”) Some of the participants in this film experienced the same frustration, anxiety, pain and tension that children with special needs do on a daily basis. The F.A.T. City workshop and video helped me as an early childhood education teacher. This film helped me understand children with learning disabilities and what they…show more content…
Some of the techniques that I’ve learned from this film and will use when I get the chance to work with students with learning disabilities will be; I will create an environment full of anxiety. I will not pressure any students to give answers when asking them questions. I will use the technique of standing by their desk then moving on. I will not mock or embarrass the students for giving a wrong answer that is not a helpful technique while teaching. Students should be calm and not afraid to talk things out with you or give wrong responses. Also, tutors and paraprofessionals in the classroom should not use cynicism with the students because sometimes it can be taken the wrong
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