F. H. Batacan's Smaller And Smaller Circles

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What comes around goes around. The film Smaller and Smaller Circles directed by Raya Martin was good considering Filipino and indie film standards, however there’s still something missing, in the sense that it could have done more in expanding its view and show the bigger picture. The movie was a film adaptation of the awarded F.H. Batacan’s Smaller and Smaller Circles, which is already a stupendous material on its part. The film explores on the country’s overwhelming state, where: the church would rather protect its credibility than its own children, the crime bureau is riddled with media opportunists, the rich and powerful working for the further approval of the public and the poor who is kept silent amidst the suffering they’re constantly experiencing. The movie mostly stayed true to the…show more content…
In this kind of genre, the usual plot goes like this, a body is found. A detective finds the body and lets the body speak for itself. The detective may or may not ask help from the police, given his reasons. He finds evidences and clues that leads him closer to the perpetrator of the crime. After a series of misdirection, the detective, with his intelligence, cunning, and wit, finds out who’s responsible and puts him to justice. From the statements mentioned, one can already assume that the audience somehow already knows what to expect or how a story will flow when they get a copy of a crime fiction book of their taste. This is because there is an already established genre for these kinds of stories. In specific kinds of genre, there are what you call tropes. Although they are not necessarily bad, they are just elements that are recognizable in multiple works. The detective genre is focused on dark elements, evil motivations and a preoccupation with an expected or brilliant solution (Littlehale,

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