F & K Motor Trading Case Study

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1.0 The channel participants and members
Marketing channel is defined as the external contractual organization that management operates to achieve its distribution objectives. To meet the expended customer expectation, a variety of different channels, often both land-based and internet-based. These multiple channels must be properly targeted to reach the appropriate customer segments and coordinated to make sure they mesh smoothly and complement, rather than undermine each other. F&K Motor Trading used both channels as Facebook. They also have their own Facebook id name registered as Trading FK Motors and that Facebook account operated since September 2013. 1.1 Marketing Mix
F&K Motor Trading offers a varied product range for its
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The pricing strategy varies according to service or product category and the consumer segment. The pricing is often economical pricing with focus on quality of service or product used.
Apart from running advertisement campaigns on print media and on the internet The promotional strategies involve in price promotion which is when Eid Mubarak and Chinese New Year every year they do promotional discounts. The customer can get the service and product with low price compared to normal days.
F&K Motor Trading has a strategically placed which is near to their target customers. Around the store are mostly students from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, where the majority of their use as motor transport. Their store is located at the roadside of main road, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Intan Zaharah.
The Channel
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F&K Motor Trading act as retailer where is retailer buying products from wholesalers, agents, or distributors and then sell them to consumers. F&K Motor Trading is manufacturer doing direct selling and also a retailer. They buy in large quantities and sell in small quantities to consumers. They sell in locations that convenient to consumers which is in their stores, the same place where they did the services.
The role they played as retailer in distribution is to interpret the demands of the consumers and to find and stock the goods the consumers want, when they want, and where they want. The product available at their stores is related to the services they do. Customer will demand this motor parts to be change if they do the motor repair service or also they will ask product such as helmet, keypad lock when they buying

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